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Nancy Pelosi Was Right

Nancy Pelosi was correct when she said that we have to pass the health-care-reform bill in order to find out what’s in it.

Now that the bill has been safely passed and signed into law, the mainstream press is gradually revealing the scores of delightful provisions tucked away in the 2,700 page abomination: job-killing taxes on businesses, innovation-killing taxes on medical products, suffocating regulations on individual freedoms, wealth-sapping taxes on the middle-class, unprecedented intrusions on personal privacy, unconstitutional mandates on individuals, racially discriminatory preferences for favored groups, a Ponzi-scheme-on-steroids financing mechanism, and spending on a galactic, incomprehensible scale.

And that’s just the first 600 pages. But somewhere in this heaping pile of manure there just has to be a pony.


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