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NARAL: Isn’t Abortion Just Hilarious?

If you’ve ever wondered what a “culture of death” looks like, NARAL Pro-Choice America is here to help. On Wednesday, the group released a parody of Jerry Seinfeld’s popular web series “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” entitled, yes, “Comedians in Cars Getting Abortions.” Someone at NARAL HQ actually thought this was a good idea.

In case it was not already evident, the ideologues who head the abortion-rights movement are a special type of morally warped. That was on exhibit in the Planned Parenthood exposé videos released last year. It’s one thing to “crush” infants in utero; it’s a whole additional layer of villainy to chat about it dismissively over salad and cabernet.

Now, NARAL is ratcheting up the moral numbness. “We’re dedicated to the proposition that it should be permissible to exterminate a certain class of human beings. We also think it’s a great source of LOLs!” Seinfeld gets coffee, Alice Wetterlund gets abortions – what’s the difference, really? The world’s your comedic oyster.

It’s extraordinary that this needs to be said, but: Killing a human being isn’t particularly funny. Imagine if the NRA made a sketch called “Comedians in Cars Invoking ‘Stand Your Ground’ Laws,” or the Fraternal Order of Police filmed “Cops in Cars Using Lethal Force against Resisting Suspects.” The folks at NARAL probably wouldn’t be amused. And rightly so. But there’s a particular moral derangement that accompanies abortion.

It’s been observed time and again (including by yours truly) that the days of “safe, legal, and rare” are long gone. “Rare” vanished as an aim years ago, and the dancing in the streets that accompanied last month’s Supreme Court decision striking down Texas’s abortion-clinic regulations should mark the official end of “safe” as a goal. What remains is the hope of a Cecile Richards-designed utopia in which, like Wetterlund’s character in the film, you can order an abortion like a McChicken. (“One abortion, please!”) And, just as important, enjoy it.

Why aren’t you laughing?


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