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Narrow the Veepstakes by One?

South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford (R) is still perceived by some (perhaps by many conservatives) to be a strong candidate for John McCain’s vice presidential slot. The only problem is, he is not viewed so kindly in McCain circles. If Mitt Romney is a very long longshot for the spot, Sanford may be even longer.

Sanford, who once highlighted overspending in his state by bringing pigs into the state legislature, was a McCain backer in 2000. His conservatism and his quirkiness might make him seem the perfect candidate to complement McCain. But his reluctance to endorse McCain in a timely fashion this year was a major issue. Sanford has not shown public signs of craving the position, either.

McCain insiders say that the real question is not whether Sanford will be vice president, but whether he was ever under serious consideration.


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