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I spent a lot of time — good time — in Nashville back in the late 1980s, and the news from that fine city is terrible. Amid all the horror, tragedy, and loss caused by the flooding, it’s reassuring to hear this from a friend (whose familly emerged largely unscathed):

It is a real mess, although the city is really falling to and getting after the clean-up efforts. Only 2 or 3 reports of anything even close to looting, lots of really startling Good Samaritan and heroic rescue stories. We’ll be OK. 

He added this:

Knowing your deeply theological nature — you’ll appreciate the implications of the fact that, due to damages to St. George’s Episcopal Church and its attached kindergarten, my grandson’s eagerly anticipated Noah’s Ark Pageant was, for a while, in danger of being cancelled due to a flood — a series of events that I suggested to a kindergarten board member would likely imperil these children’s religious faith from here on out. Alternative arrangements have been made.

Yes, Nashville will be okay.


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