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Nathan Petrelli = Giuliani?

K-Lo might ground me from my jumbo exercise wheel for putting Sci-Fi on the Corner, but I’ll take the risk. This contains a “spoiler” for Heroes, Season 1. (I use quotes here because, if you’ve watched any part of the first season, you see the ending coming from a mile away.) No one else has mentioned this, but did anyone notice similarities between Nathan Petrelli’s character and Rudy Giuliani?

Petrelli’s character is a rising Italian politician in New York City with some questionable ties to powerful and shady businessmen (mobsters). Then the show revealed that Petrelli was aware of — and complicit with — a major attack on New York City. The idea was, of course, that the disaster would turn Petrelli into a hero, which we all know 9/11 did for Giuliani.

Petrelli conveniently repents at the last minute so viewers are left feeling warm and fuzzy inside. But I couldn’t help but wonder if this was Tim Kring’s version of the everlasting conspiracy theory prevalent in Hollywood that someone big in U.S. politics knew about 9/11 before it happened.

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