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The Nation For Arlen

The Nation, a far-left magazine that still believes Alger Hiss

innocent, seldom speaks well of any Republican. Yet its just-released May

3rd issue carries an article <A


Matters: The GOP Hunts Its Own” which bluntly backs Pennsylvania’s

Republican Senator, Arlen Specter, for reelection. Why does The

Nation love Arlen so?

[I]n a closely divided Senate, Specter’s tendency to side with liberals on

social issues, as well as his willingness to challenge the worst excesses

of the right on judicial nominations, tax cuts, the minimum wage, school

choice and tort reform, has made him a Republican that Democrats can deal

with. …

But if Republicans maintain control of the Senate after November, Specter

and a handful of other renegade GOPers, ranging from Rhode Island’s very

nearly liberal Lincoln Chafee to conservatives with maverick streaks like

Arizona’s John McCain and Ohio’s George Voinovich, could be the only

roadblocks to right-wing hegemony.

Stephen Moore’s <A

HREF=””>warning in

NRO to Senator Specter’s Republican friends looks more prescient

than ever. Both The Nation and The New Yorker have stated

that Arlen Specter is the best choice for Pennsylvania

Republicans. Pennsylvania Republicans have now been warned.


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