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A Nation of Joads

One thing I’ve noticed about this convention — it’s impossible not to — is that America is portrayed as a deeply suffering place. It’s a Grapes of Wrath nation, plagued with injustice, want, and desperation. We are one big lousy dust bowl.

Needless to say, economic problems have not been eliminated in America (along with other problems). Man still lives here. But this is a very prosperous, comfortable nation — one of the envies of the world (which is why so many seek to come here). Complacency is inadvisable; we should always strive to do better. But a little perspective, please.

By the way, you know the story about the man from Calcutta, decades ago, whose greatest desire was to visit America? “Why?” asked his friends. “Because I want to see a place where poor people are fat.”

Does that sound cold to you? It wouldn’t to many Third Worlders, I can tell you.

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