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Nation of Laws

“The mills of Derb grind slow, but they grind exceeding small.” Thus me, on the Corner, after a savage attack on my pooch.

Believe it! That was over a year ago. I have since filed complaints, reports, and affidavits. I have attended two, count ’em two, sessions of Small Claims Court, at neither of which did the defendant bother to appear. I have obtained a judgment in my favor, and waited in vain for the defendant to comply with it. I have filed an Order of Execution with the local sheriff’s office, and gently prompted the sheriff and his deputies to enforce it.

They have at last done so. Threatened with the impounding of his property, my adversary has buckled. The sheriff tells me he is now in possession of the full settlement amount ordered by the court, and I shall be receiving a check shortly, when he’s done his paperwork. May all the blessings of Heaven rain down upon our County Sheriff and his fearless Deputies!

Our sheriff, Vincent DeMarco, is an elected official. He’ll definitely be getting my vote. He’d get Toby’s too, I’m sure; but because of an inexplicable oversight in our state Constitution, mutts can’t vote. We’d likely be better governed if they could.


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