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Loving Our Flag on the Silver Screen

The current contretemps about anthems, statues, protests, and football prompts me to humbly recommend MGM’s 1951 version of The Red Badge of Courage, John Huston’s classic based on Stephen Crane’s beloved Civil War novel.

I adore this movie and urge you to watch it. If you’ve never seen it, you’re in for a treat. Short for a feature film (just over an hour), it is simple, stark, meaningful, hokey, primal, and patriotic. Particularly dramatic is the battle scene, in which the Stars and Stripes — in the hands of the truly great Audie Murphy, no Kneel Whisperer he, who knew a thing or two about fighting and bleeding for liberty — plays an important part (there’s an especially beautiful image at 1:01, near the film’s end). If you’re an SJW, be warned: The post-battle scene showing sympathy between the Union and Confederate soldiers will have you screaming racism and searching for a safe space.


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