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A National Hoopliday

Dook’s Coach K criticized President Obama for paying attention to the NCAA tournament instead of the economy. Oh, man, which side of that dispute does a conservative UNC grad pick?

As much as I think President Obama has neglected the financial crisis so he could push green energy and other pet causes, I think K is wrong. The president needs some down time, and making a tourney bracket is a great way to relax. In fact, I think the president would do the country a favor if he took today and tomorrow off — and encouraged everyone else to do the same.

Let’s face it, productivity takes a big hit on the opening Thursday and Friday of the tournament. Millions would rather be watching the games than working, and many act on that preference. What America needs is a national holiday in recognition of the joy the NCAA basketball tournament brings to the people of this great country. I think President Obama should declare the first two days of the tournament a National Hoopliday.

Immediately upon this declaration, millions of Americans would drive straight to their local sports bars, order nachos and pitchers of beer, and drink the national economy back to health. Think of how many more Pontiacs and $5 footlongs would be sold if half the country were watching tournament advertisements. Pizza delivery alone could generate enough revenue to cover the earmarks in the last spending bill.

I envision President Obama making this declaration not from the rose garden or the Oval Office, but from his sofa, a remote in one hand, a guacamole-covered nacho in the other, the tournament blaring from the television in the background. America needs this holiday, Mr. President. Don’t let us down.

– Drew Cline is editorial page editor of the New Hampshire Union Leader.

Andrew Cline Andrew Cline is the president of the Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy, a free-market think tank in New Hampshire.

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