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Some Cruises . . .

. . . will make you feel as if you’re knocking about on the SS Andalusia, piloted by Captain Peter Wrongway Peachfuzz.


Remember him? Well, he may seem like a cartoon, but his spirit is for real. Let’s face it: There are plenty of sketchy ships and cruise lines (that’s no bull – winkle). If you’re not interested in exceptional food, amenities, accommodations, and service, they’re ready to deliver.

But let’s say you’re more . . . discriminating. Interested in . . . a worthwhile once-in-a-lifetime experience. Yearning for . . . something fun and exclusive and maybe even exciting and, why not, truly luxurious. Hoping for a voyage where . . . when it’s over, you can’t wait to brag to your friends about just how darned good it was. Then what you are looking for is a great sailing line – which can only mean Cunard. And a spectacular liner – which must be the remastered and glorious Queen Mary 2. And a distinct program tailored for a smart and engaged conservative – and that would be The National Review 2017 Trans-Atlantic Crossing.

You’ll find no Captain Peachfuzz in our contingent folks. Nope: The seasoned masters who sail for Cunard are the best of the best: men like Christopher Rynd (heck, he isn’t even a captain, he’s a Commodore!).


The National Review 2017 Trans-Atlantic Crossing sets out from Southampton, UK on August 31st, and arrives in Brooklyn, USA on September 7th. Prices start at only $2,577 a person (and that includes wonderful accommodations, exceptional cuisines, shipboard entertainment, entry to and participation in all NR’s exclusive events, and plus port fees, taxes, gratuities).

Aim low: go and sail with Peachfuzz. Or instead, go on a delightful seafaring extravaganza with our pal Rynd and National Review’s all-star speakers on the remastered Queen Mary 2. Get complete information at


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