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‘She Is Unique Among Ships’

Part of the allure of the National Review 2017 Trans-Atlantic Crossing is the vessel itself, the iconic Queen Mary 2. She is a truly remarkable ship, a truly remarkable . . . anything. A combination of innovative engineering and unrivaled seafaring luxury, a creation of inordinate scale (megastructure!) infused with class and comfort (and stability!), this is no cruise ship – QM2 is an honest-to-goodness ocean liner, a vessel of rarity, and beauty.

Alas, don’t take my word for it though: Watch this National Geographic documentary to learn how truly unique and downright gorgeous Mary is.

And then visit our dedicated site,, to learn more about (and to sign up for) our wonderful forthcoming trip. It starts in Southampton, UK on August 31st, and heads for Brooklyn, USA, where QM2 will dock on September 7th, after a week of spectacular exclusive NR events, enjoyed in the company of a tremendous contingent of conservatives, including Judge Michael Mukasey, former U.S. Senator Tom Coburn, Heritage Foundation founder Ed Feulner, acclaimed novelist Mark Helprin, British author Douglas Murray, NR editor in chief Rich Lowry, media critic Brent Bozell, NRO editor Charles Cooke, ace conservative counsel Cleta Mitchell, domestic policy guru Sally Pipes, defense expert John Hillen, Claremont Review of Books editor Charles Kesler, conservative academic Daniel Mahoney, NRO editors-at-large John O’Sullivan and Kathryn Lopez, NR senior editors Jonah Goldberg, Jay Nordlinger, Ramesh Ponnuru, and David Pryce-Jones, NR essayists David French, Kevin Williamson, Reihan Salam, and Ian Tuttle, NR ace reporter Jim Geraghty, and NR columnists Rob Long and James Lileks.

We’ve had a rush of sign-ups in the last couple of weeks. With prices starting at $2,577 a person (based on double occupancy), and “single” cabins starting at $3,916, that’s no wonder. What is a wonder is – why haven’t you signed up yet?! Rectify that now, >here.

Hey, if you want to check out QM2, with a little modern disco beat accompaniment, and who doesn’t, then watch this:


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