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Webathon Update

We appreciate those of you who have stepped up to make a generous donation for the NRO 2017 Fall Webathon. On this Seventh Day of Bucktember, as we note our #30DaysHathBucktember effort, we feature yet another WFB photo, just for heck’s sake.

Is there a need to say anything other than: We stand on the shoulders of giants, and have an obligation to continue their fight?

Which we do here at NR, but not minus your part. The current Webathon’s goal is to raise $200,000, which we will use for a number of special projects (explained in depth here) that, we are confident, will accomplish two mega things: 1. To bring the conservative message to many more people, and 2. To put NR on a sound financial footing.

Which might result in 3. No more Webathons. Someday.

Anyway, many have given this last week, but we are hoping to see many more pitch in. Maybe some of the encouraging words of these donors will inspire you to, as they say, pony up:

Mark, down in Florida, send along a C-Note and gives us his schedule: “I read National Review every morning with my coffee. Yours is the only magazine/online journal that tells it like it is and lets the chips fall where they may. Keep up the great work!” We can and do because of good folks like you Mark.

Out in Missouri, Tom stirs and finds his way to donating a welcome $50. He also says this: “You have a fine cadre of writers and original thinkers, which makes it easy to ignore the hacks. Kevin Williamson is the best political writer in the business. And I like to support those whose work I value.” We like that too.

Further West, Tim duplicates that effort and also sends 50 bucks, and explains himself: “To the wonderful compadres in the never-ending struggle to keep America well, I contribute my small portion. May your vision of good governance, thriving society, and healthy families be realized!! And may our time in the catacombs be short.” Agreed – I left the flashlight back home. Thanks Tim.

And get this: Mark from North Carolina dug deep, came up with 500 smackers, and reminisced: “Have subscribed to the actual magazine since 1985. Jonah Goldberg’s G-File means the weekend has started. As NR said of the WSJ opinion page years ago, you have a golden spigot going, keep it going.” God willing and with your support. Thanks Mark

Inspired? I hope so. Please help NR by making a kindly donation here. And if you have some comments, or even criticisms, please leave them: They’re taken seriously. Contribute here if you prefer. And of course you can send a check, but make sure it’s payable to “National Review” and mail it to our new address: 19 West 44th Street, 17th Floor, New York, NY 10036. Grazia!


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