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Calling All Saints!

Around these parts, we get all venerating about our supporters, like the Church does about saints. And while I am not sure what Luther had to say about canonizations and the like when he was hammering away 500 years ago yesterday, the point here is not to be Counter-Reformational but to be emphatic: NR is only able to be at the forefront of conservative proselytizing because of the generosity of our readers. No you, no us. We know that, and we deeply appreciate the camaraderie so many of you have shown. We are comforted to find ourselves alongside you on the ramparts as we battle the Left and the multicultural ne’er-do-wells whose aim is the destruction of our beliefs and of the American Experiment.

We are hoping more of you will do the same (donate!) during this Fall 2017 Webathon, which we have tagged #30DaysHathBucktember. Now in its third week, we’re seeking $200,000 to bankroll a number of important projects – particularly in the area of expanding podcasting and video – which will bring the wisdom of NR to countless more people, and, which we also believe will put NR on a strong financial footing, sooner than later.

Time to sadly admit: The response has been tepid. At this rate we’ll miss our goal (we admit, it I ambitious). So maybe today you can do what you have been putting off since we launched this effort – and maybe what you meant to do during past webathons but, oops, never then hit the donate button. Get saintly, like these good people:

Thomas, obviously inspired by Charlie Cooke’s brilliant plea for help , sent us 50 smackers and said “I still get got at the end of every Mad Dogs and Englishmen. Consider this a Benjamin in the tip jar!” Well, you may be confusing Ben with Ulysses, but we will not be ungrateful for the kindness. We salute you!

Kesia sends a quite generous $250 and mama mia, a most cool note: “NR magazine was a regular household subscription (in the 80’s) when I was a teenager. I read it then, but I did not value it appropriately. I wish my parents had saved all those old issues, I would love to go back and read them again now. But I am so happy to have the website and the podcasts (and archives!) today. I enjoy all of it. Please keep up the good work. Thank you.” I’m crying tears of joy!

Kevin forks over $100 and puts it plainly: “Based on the amount of your content I consume, I doubt I contributed my fair share.” Well said my generous friend!

Stephen’s conscience gets the best of him, and of $25: “Okay, you’ve got me. I’ve been free riding for along time. So here is my modest contribution. Have enjoyed much from NR. Kat Timpf’s post-election piece was special – the one about little kids having to go to school and do their work, even though they might not feel so good. Keep up the good work.” Keeping Steve.

Let’s conclude with Davis, who spots NR $50 and urges: “Keep fighting the good fight, winning the battle of ideas will be the longest lasting victory for conservatism.”

Amen brother. If you’ve yet to respond to our Webathon appeals, please do so now by making a donation here. Another option: You can contribute via PayPal here. And you can send a check, made payable to “National Review” and mailed to 19 West 44th Street, 17th Floor, New York, NY 10036. Many thanks.


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