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He Was a Happy Man, But . . .

He did worry about NR. Yep. No, not despair — never despair. That being a sin. But there was a less-than-theological reason for Bill’s refusal to despair: It was that he knew that National Review subscribers believed they were part of a much larger thing. A cause. A mutual one which required their additional selfless help — help they were happy to give.

And “they” (has that included you? — if so, thanks so much) have given now for some 59 years, saving the brassy conservative journal from its near extinction way back in 1958. And saving it year in and out ever since. Back when the doors nearly closed, Bill learned quickly that the business of opinion journalism was less about NR being a business and more about it being a genuine and consequential cause. A thing with an important mission. Which NR remains.

If Bill Buckley were here now — and he is, spiritually, looking over our shoulders (I can smell the peanut butter!) — he’d be urging my colleagues and me to in turn urge you to make NRO’s 2017 Fall Webathon a success. So we (read Rich Lowry’s appeal) follow heavenly orders.

Our goal for the current effort is $200,000. We’re more than halfway there. The proceeds will go towards several vital efforts that will make NR much more stable financially, and expand our outreach, particularly through increased podcasting and video. It’s essential to the institution, and to the broad conservative cause we serve, and the principles we fight relentlessly to protect, that we do this.

We worry, just as Bill did — will our friends be there for us (yet again!)? We hope you will be. Pray you will be. If you haven’t yet, please be part of the NRO 2017 Fall Webathon by making a generous donation here. People who prefer PayPal should contribute here. And, of course, checks, made payable to “National Review” and mailed to 19 West 44th Street, 17th Floor, New York, NY 10036, are happily accepted. Many thanks.


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