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‘To counter the crazy and keep Kat in earrings!’

The NRO 2017 Fall webathon proceeds, energized by a savvy appeal from Kat Timpf. Seeing that, hearing her cry – “Let’s not let the loons take away our culture — or my favorite earrings” (to decipher, you must read Kat herself) – one Shannon Y from New York responded with . . . a $500 donation. That should prove plenty to provide baubles for Kat’s lobes.

Before sharing a few additional donor comments, know that the purpose of the Webathon is to raise $200,000 (what the heck, just donate now!) to partially fund some important projects. Here’s the quick rundown of our four main objectives:

Hiring a tech guru for NRO’s burgeoning podcast operation,

Obtaining related video software (an expenditure we are confident will result in significant new income),

Hiring a revenue officer (another major expenditure, but with an anticipated result of multiples in revenue), and

Expanding our summer intern program.

You’ll find a more detailed explanation more detailed explanation here. And now, on with the comments . . .

The caboose to Joanne’s $25 gift is this sentiment: “THANK YOU for your thoroughly-researched, intellectually honest articles!!”

Leslie throws a kind $200 this way and then soul-bares: In an upside-down world — National Review has become one of the least biased news sources. I wait to form an opinion until I have read Andrew McCarthy or Jonah Goldberg or some other sensible columnist. To be clear, I voted for him. I didn’t want to, but felt I had no choice. . . . Occasionally, he accomplishes something useful and Hillary is not President. I truly believed that if she had won, the end of our great country was nigh. Thank you for being the voice of reason during these crazy times.” I’m with you Les. Grazia.

Lewis contributes $25 and then says, or maybe sings: “I’ve been reading NR since the late 70’s of the 20th century. I’ve grown accustomed to its grace.” It almost makes the day begin, I bet. And Lewis, I had assumed it was of the 19th century so thanks for setting me straight.

Beautiful and kind Lesley sends, get this, a thousand bucks, and urges: “Keep up the fantastic work; without “The Corner” and my morning cup of joe I’m not sure how I could face the world (especially living in Canada) with any optimism!” This means so much to us Lesley. Much love to you.

And much love to all others who have or who are about to help. You can do so by making your selfless donation here. Do leave comments and criticisms. For Paypal preferers, contribute here. Via U.S. Mail, send a check payable to “National Review” and address it to 19 West 44th Street, 17th Floor, New York, NY 10036. God bless and thanks!


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