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Unleash the Hounds! The NRO 2017 Webathon Is On!

OK, make that unleash the spaniels.

This is the 6th of Bucktember, roaring into the first full week of our important effort to raise funds — which can be donated here — from our NRO friends, especially those who love this website, who linger here all the livelong day, and who realize that it is precisely because of the generosity of other selfless souls that NRO survives, and even thrives.

See how happy Bill Buckley is in this picture (at his NYC home in 1999, with his beloved and uber-friendly King Charles Spaniels)? His glee is not only because he is hanging with Man’s Best Friend. It’s also from his knowing anticipation that 18 years hence, you would be helping to make the 2017 Fall Webathon (which we’re hash-tagging #30DaysofBucktember) a big success. Bill the Clairvoyant!

Our goal is $200,000 to cover just part of some vital projects, expertly explained here. Some have already risen to the occasion, and said why. We share their sentiments here:

Walter peeled off a $100 bill, sent it thisaway, and remarked “My favorite website. You keep me informed with wit and charm. Sounds like you have big plans. Get after it. And keep up the good work.” Thanks and we will.

Paul tossed $50 in the plate. Along with it came this: “I really appreciate NRO. It’s on my daily shortlist. Your podcasts are a new treat for me. Please keep those going. Somebody interview Iowahawk from Twitter! Kudos to Cooke on that Kenyon debate. That was educational, to say the least. When I retire, I’ll see you on an NRO Cruise.” Wow. (By the way, you’ll find info about Charlie’s Kenyon experience here).

Chreno sent a big $250 and short emphatic explanation: “A worthy cause!” We have worthy friends. Thanks.

Ed explains why he sent a generous $100: “I am proud to stand with NR and NRO supporting true conservatism in this time of fake conservatism. Your writings and podcasts serve as beacons illuminating the darkness. Keep up the great work!”

Jeffrey sent, holy mackerel, $1,000, and matter-of-factly thanked us: “Thanks for another great year of political commentary and insight!” Back at you, many times J Man!

Brian’s $25 was accompanied by encouraging words: “Thank you for the excellent writing. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to read it on a daily basis. I originally subscribed to the print magazine as a teenager in the ’80’s, and I am happy to help again.”

Ditto for Jennifer and her 25 smackers; “Although there are times I disagree with what an NR contributor writes, all of your contributors are thoughtful, brilliant people whom I always learn something from. My all-time favorite is the venerable Victor Davis Hanson. Keep up the good work!” Venerable? I thought VDH was a saint!

And finally, we share multi-tasker and super generous Jo’s thoughts, which came with a $50 contribution: “Good luck with the podcasting operations. I enjoy listening to them and I can get some housework done at the same time!”

I hope these sentiments inspire you to do likewise. You can help NR by making a generous donation here. Feel free to share your own comments, and even criticisms. Contribute here if you prefer. If you disdain web-donating, but want to send a check, make it payable to “National Review” and mail it to our new address: 19 West 44th Street, 17th Floor, New York, NY 10036. Many thanks.


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