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We Happy Few: The NR 2018 Spring Webathon Needs Your Participation

The Defence of Rorke's Drift, by Alphonse de Neuville
The Defence of Rorke’s Drift, by Alphonse de Neuville (1880) (Art Gallery of New South Wales)

Here, grab my hand and I’ll yank you up atop the ramparts with us so you can join the fight against the enemies of all we hold dear. Of course, we’ll need some ammunition: Can you spare some? National Review’s fight is your fight: It’s a grim one without the participation of a full complement of that band of brothers and sisters, of the selfless souls who despise the thought of being spectators, of the committed men and women who know they have a role in the battle to preserve conservative principles. Our just-begun 2018 Spring Webathon is seeking to raise some $210,000 to underwrite a number of strategic efforts that, we contend, will not only truly support NR on the front lines, but also help us put this business into a strong position that – mirabile dictu – one day, sooner than later, will dry up the red ink that has tormented us for six decades.

I am asking you – yes, you – to please donate. Can you do $10 or $25? $50 or $100? What if just this once you added a zero (right before the decimal point) to those numbers? Let the mood strike you: Add another zero — if you’re capable of contributing $2,500, or maybe even dare I say $25,000 (hey, it’s happened). There is no time like the present. You can make that donation here. Do you prefer PayPal? If so, send your help to NR here. Old school? That’s cool: Mail a check (payable to “National Review”) at 19 West 44th Street, Suite 1701, New York, NY 10036. We remain deeply appreciated to any and all who generously help.

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