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Calling All Men of Goodwill

And women too. NRO is in the midst of an end-of-the-year webathon, seeking to raise $150,000 to bankroll a complete rebuild of the website (plus to cover our 2017 student-intern costs). We are hoping our fans — exasperated maybe by the site’s glitches, but admirers of the relentless wisdom dispensed by our terrific writers — will contribute. You can make a donation here. Or here for PayPal fans. We’ve received over $50,000 so far, and comments galore. Here are some:

Nicholas sends $25 and earmarks it: “For Jonah!” Nick, thanks, but this is a website rebuild, and I’m not sure JG can design software.

More Jonah-inspired generosity and well-wishing come from Michael, who sent us $100 and inter-species thoughts: “Jonah — you are one sick puppy, and I am thankful you are always speaking for the rest of us in the litter. And occasionally channeling Robin Williams. Nevertheless, ‘Write on, write on!’ as we children of the sixties would say. Don’t let the bad guys get you down!” Woof!

The One and Only Len donates 100 smackers, and praises, “NRO is one of my few daily go-tos — I love your work. Thanks for all you do to report and opine truthfully, intelligently, seriously and even sometimes humorously. This past year has been divisive and stressful, and your magazine took a bold and some would say controversial stand. Please hold to your principles, but also please help us on the Right take this unexpected opportunity to navigate our great country in a new and prosperous direction that benefits us all in whatever way we seek our own destinies. Carry on!” Carrying!

More gushing from Christopher, who along with 50 bucks says, “Thank you for a wonderful website! It would be even better if it worked on my apple devices! But even if it can’t, NRO is awesome. Please keep up the standing athwart!” Your appeal will be tempted by the new NRO.

And Joseph donates $35 and rah rahs! “Keep up the fight! Thanks for being my intellectual north star when all other lights have appeared to leave us.”

Can you spring for $35 like Joe? How about $50, or $100. I’m reaching — if you can swing $250, or $500, or $1,000, we’d be most appreciative of your goodwill. Especially if you’ve gotten a lot out of NR over the years, think about sending something. We need it. And America needs us, and there will be more of “us” with a bigger, better, faster, enhanced NRO. Please make a donation here. Do that here via PayPal. Or if you prefer vintage donating, mail a check made payable to “National Review” to NR at 215 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10016. Speaking of vintage, here is a gratuitous vintage Santa picture.