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‘Thank You for Giving Such Eloquent Voice to the Conservative Ideals I Hold So Dear’

Maybe Nan expressed it best, along with her kind $50 contribution. We are wrapping up this (extended!) end-of-the-year webathon. It was initiated to help bankroll our forthcoming head-to-toe, guts-and-all rebuild of NRO (we hit that goal of $125,000) and to further underwrite our student intern program (and we hit that goal of $25,000). Then, on December 22, the D.C. Court of Appeals issued a terrible ruling, against NR and we say also against the First Amendment, in the prolonged Mann v. National Review defamation case. Many have responded to our amended plea for assistance with NR’s legal bills. For all who gave, and that is over 2,500 selfless souls, we are deeply appreciative.

In donating, many took the opportunity to . . . thank us. Like Nan. Her sentiment, short and sweet, speaks for many. The cash sure helps, but so do the inspiring words. This will be the last time I torment you kindly readers who have endured my entreaties since Thanksgiving. I hope those who have yet to give — especially those who come to NRO relentlessly, who engorge themselves day in and out at the all-you-can-read free buffet, who know all this great writing doesn’t happen without a cost, who have a conscience that says, “stop mooching” — will do so now by making a donation here. Or here for PayPal fans. Or for folks who prefer the U.S. Mail, you can send a check payable to “National Review” to 215 Lexington Avenue, 11th Floor, New York, NY 10016. Thank you. And here are three parting comments.

‐ Emily so kindly contributes a very sweet $250 and an ideological smooch: “Love your well researched, in-depth articles. I learn something (many times many things) every time I read an article. Thank you for all of your great work and for writing about conservative philosophy and thinking. Keep up the great work.”

‐ Another $250 comes from the very generous Steven, who sends along what may be a terrific marketing campaign idea: “Life without NRO during the day? Perhaps more productive. Infinitely less enjoyable.”

‐ And Kesia sent $200, with instructions, praise, puns, and offers of gun shoots and pulled pork. We’ll let hers be the eclectic last word: “Please split this donation 50/50, one half to the lawsuit fund, one half to the website rebuild. I wanted to say a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to Kevin, Charles C. W., Jonah, and David French in particular. Thank you! I always learn, laugh, and get to vent, even if it is directed at a laptop screen, when I read and listen to these gentlemen. I look forward to each new MD/E and Glopcast like phone calls from dear friends. Please keep up the great work. I hope everyone at the NR family has a Blessed 2017. P.S. if Kevin and Charles, or any of the great NR writers, are ever in the Lutz (Tampa) area, and have a day or so to goof around, my husband and I would love to invite them to the Dade City Rod and Gun Club for a day of shooting. I have a Sharps 45-70 I think they might get a real . . . wait for it . . . kick (HA! That one is for Jonah) out of shooting. Plus, we do a really great family BBQ afterwards. Offer’s open!”

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