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The Marshall Plan to Help NRI

Richard Brookhiser (Mike Cohen Photography)

Well we don’t need a Marshall Plan — but we are hoping for kindly donations from many generous donors, as we push ahead with National Review Institute’s 2018 End-of-Year Fund Appeal. Its goal is to raise a sorely needed $200,000, and at this time of year, when thoughts of charitable giving percolate, we hope those who are pleased by NRI’s many programs will see fit to step up and support the conservative movement’s principle journalism think tank.

One of those journalists, who is also an NRI senior fellow, is Richard Brookhiser, who a few days ago wrote this appeal. I bring up Rick again because NRI has been busy helping Rick promote his terrific new book, John Marshall: The Man Who Made the Supreme Court. A couple of weeks back Rick gave a talk about the book, and then was joined by NR editor Rich Lowry for a broader discussion — all of which was captured on C-SPAN.

You can and should watch the presentation.

You know, C-SPAN frequently records and broadcasts NRI events, no matter how far flung, because they are quality intellectual undertakings. That friendly relationship with C-SPAN gives much broader impact to NRI’s promotion of the vital works of its fellows — vital because they defend and expand conservative principles.

The purpose of this post is in part to alert you to the Brookhiser video. And yeah, to make a lousy “Marshall Plan” pun. But it is also to sincerely appeal to you to help us chip away at the big goal of $200,000 (we’ve still a long way to go!), every penny of which will be wisely spent to support the broad array of critical undertakings of the Institute. Donate here. Or if you prefer, mail a donation made out to “National Review Institute” to NRI, ATTN: 2018 Fund Appeal, 19 West 44th Street, Suite 1701, New York, NY 10036. Many thanks!

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