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It Would Be Jolly Good If You Helped Us This Weekend

As we head into Christmas, with its grace of charity that is so powerful it could even more the heart of Scrooge, I am asking those NRO readers who are fans of any of the following NR Institute fellows — Victor Davis Hanson, Jonah Goldberg, John O’Sullivan, Kathryn Jean Lopez, Jay Nordlinger, Ramesh Ponnuru, Andy McCarthy, Kevin Williamson, David French, Reihan Salam, Rick Brookhiser, and Douglas Murray — to support NRI’s End-of-Year Appeal.

Join these fine folks:

Tamara send $100 and gushes: “Have grown to enjoy your many voices — thank you for the ‘free’ year!” You are very welcome.

Phyllis matches that and reaches back a few decades: “I am 70 and a NR reader since age 21. I owe my conservatism to WFB and National Review.” And we owe you a great deal of gratitude.

Tim spotted NRI a kindly $250 and attached some regret to it: “I only wish it could be more.” Dude! This is quite righteous of you. Thanks.

Marilyn makes with a C note and keeps it short and sweet: “National Review are my peeps.” We love being your peeps!

And Kimberly donates the same. And says this: “Thank you Jonah, Kevin, and O for the work you do to preserve conservatism during these crazy times.” We are checking our files as to who “O” is. That aside, many thanks.

There are many more who have given anywhere from $5 to $5,000. To each and every one we are so appreciative.

The goal of this campaign is $250,000. We are not halfway there. Your generous tax-deductible donation to NRI will get us there, and beyond. Does the Spirit of Christmas move you? If so, could you make that donation? Now? Could you see to $25 or $250 or even $2,500 or maybe even add a zero?

Make your donation here. Many thanks in advance, and Merry Christmas.

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