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It’s Un. And It’s Also the Last Day of the NRI Webathon. And There’s a Matching Gift. So: Help.

For the past two weeks, National Review Institute has engaged in a special effort to raise $100,000 to help launch the new Center for Unalienable Rights (to which you can make a tax-deductible contribution here). We could really use another $10,000 to get us over the line.

Today is the campaign’s last day, and I want you to consider three things.

One. Bill Buckley’s boiled-down mandate for National Review and NRI is to stand athwart History, yelling Stop. The conservative Stop-yelling is desperately needed as the hell-bent Left focuses its efforts on restricting our First Amendment rights. Free speech, freedom of worship, and so much more are under relentless attack, from the editorial page to the campus to the public square. The Alinsky cabal, the multicultural extremists, the intelligentsia, are determined not only to shut up those with whom they disagree, but also to make our beliefs and traditions criminal.

NRI is fighting back — is yelling Stop! — by creating the Center for Unalienable Rights, which will be spearheaded by Senior Fellow David French, who in addition to being one of NR’s most popular writers, is considered one of America’s premier champions of free speech (the SCOTUS bar member is a highly regarded litigator who is the former president of Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, as well as other vital free-speech institutions). Here’s the official lingo:

Under the auspices of the Center, David French reaches targeted audiences around the country through his writing and events focused on free speech. Deploying French’s extensive experience spanning the conservative movement, the practice of law, academia, and a successful and decorated career serving our country, NRI is positioning the Center for Unalienable Rights to win both battles that liberty and individual rights must fight: the battle of ideas and the battle on the ground. David is regularly joined by other NRI fellows, such as Kevin D. Williamson and Jonah Goldberg, to broaden and enhance the impact of the Center.

Two. “It’s In, Jack, not Un.” Several wanna-correct-the-dope e-mails and text messages have come from friends and unknowns about what precedes “alienable.” Thanks amigos, but it really is Un. Turning to a higher authority, the original copy of this thing called the Declaration of Independence, I share here an image of the relevant part.

Your entreaties are not inimportant or inappreciated, but the subject is now closed. Inderstand?

Three. When you make your donation today, before midnight please, which you can do here — on behalf of free speech and more, on behalf of our vital unalienable rights — know that a very kind and generous friend of NRI has offered to match your donation, dollar for dollar. To that friend, and to the many other friends who have given to this effort, you have our deepest appreciation.