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Most Happy Fella!

Or fellow. Whatever, he or she will be happy, because . . . applications for the National Review Institute Regional Fellows Program (for Spring 2017, in New York City and Washington, D.C.) are now available. Are you a qualified, non-policy professionals who might have an interest in delving into the Foundations of the American Republic? Then apply. Not one but . . . know one? Then pass this along (and if you know of any networks of professionals that might be interested, let them know of this outstanding opportunity).


Each class is comprised of mid-career professionals (generally ages 30-50), representing diverse educational backgrounds, industries, and professions. The Program will take place from early February to mid-May, consisting of eight dinner sessions based on (required! not onerous!! Illuminating!!!) readings covering topics such as William F. Buckley Jr. and American Conservatism, The Founders’ Constitution, Burke, Prudence, and the Spirit of Conservatism, Mediating Structures between the State and the Individual, and The Conservative Spirit and Civic Gratitude.


Each session kicks off with a short social, followed by a moderated dinner discussion. Some of the speaker-moderators are popular writers at National Review, while others are leading thinkers at local universities and policy organizations. Fellows also join a network of professionals spanning four cities (Washington, New York, Dallas, and San Francisco) and are invited to NR/NRI events in their cities (and to NRI’s annual Buckley Prize dinner) each year.


Instructions and the application can be accessed here. The deadline for applying to this terrific program is December 15th.