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C-SPAN at the National Review Institute Summit

On Friday, C-SPAN brought its cameras to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Washington to broadcast some of the primo events featured at NRI’s 2017 Ideas Summit. If you watched it live, great. If you missed it, well, following are some video links. Get the popcorn!

Yuval Levin discussing health-care reform with HHS Secretary Dr. Tom Price.

Reihan Salam moderates a panel on immigration reform featuring Mark Krikorian, Heather MacDonald, and Kristie De Pena.

Jim Geraghty interviews Kellyanne Conway on all things political.

Kevin Williamson interviews EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt on regulatory reform.

Kathryn Lopez engages Mollie Hemingway and Andrew Klavan in a terrific discussion of Hollywood and Popular Culture.

Rich Lowry has a conversation with Charles Krauthammer.

And Rich earlier in the day had a riveting conversation about health-care reform and much more with Speaker Paul Ryan.


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