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He’ll Need 2 Because . . . He’s Dad

He’d lose his head if it wasn’t stapled onto his neck, right? We love him, but . . . every night it’s a search for the remote, the glasses, the phone. The Big Lug, it’s one of the charming things about Captain Misplace. But since he spent the last four decades being your ATM machine, you cut him slack. That’s why for Father’s Day you are going to get him 2 NR Mugs – so he can still drink his coffee while he’s trying to find the NR vessel he used yesterday (did you look near the workbench, Pop?). Here at NRHQ, we prepared for this reality – that’s why we have a special offer, 2 official NR quaff machines (aren’t they beautiful?!) for the low price of only $24.99, which includes shipping and handling. And we’ll even toss in an NR lapel pin, emblazoned with Old Glory. Order here.

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Politico Doubles Down on Fake Turnberry Scandal

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CNN: Everything but the News

For a while, we thought MSNBC had temporarily usurped CNN as the font of fake news — although both networks had tied for the most negative coverage (93 percent of all their news reports) of President Trump’s first 100 days in office. A cynic would argue that CNN had deliberately given Trump undue coverage ... Read More