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Weekend Wrap

There were a lot of big political events this weekend, and lots of great NR reporting on them. If you missed some of our pieces, go back and check them out. 

Ted Cruz notched a third-place finish to Donald Trump in South Carolina and, more troubling for his campaign, lost Evangelicals to Donald Trump. Alexis Levinson was with the Cruz team on Saturday night when the results came in, and Tim Alberta takes a look at the two big problems Cruz faces as the race moves into the South on Super Tuesday.  

South Carolina governor Nikki Haley’s endorsement helped boost Marco Rubio into second place in South Carolina but, perhaps more importantly, it sealed Jeb Bush’s fate, pushing him into fourth place and forcing him to drop out of the race. I wrote about how Rubio secured her support

And finally, Tim Alberta does the autopsy on the Bush candidacy, detailing why Bush was in many ways the wrong candidate for the times — and why his advisers so often missed the messages voters were sending them. 


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