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National Review Seeks Submissions Editor

National Review founder William F. Buckley Jr.

NRO is seeking a Submissions Editor who will be responsible for managing the freelance submissions and commissions pipeline for National Review Online, in coordination with the Editor and Managing Editor of NRO, as well as line-editing articles for publication. Secondarily, the Submissions Editor may assist the Managing Editor in the normal course of his duties and stand in for the Managing Editor in his absence.

The ideal candidate has several years’ experience in journalism, along with writing and editing skills that are consistent with NR’s signature style, wit, good cheer, openness to debate, and intellectual gravity. A candidate should be a highly competent editor and possess a love for the written word, excellent judgment for news with an eye for identifying fallacious arguments, and an ability to maintain a tightly organized pipeline of submissions that originate from many different sources. A successful candidate will demonstrate excellent editing skills and news-judgment ability by taking NR’s copy-editing test and NR’s editorial-assignments test.

During the interview process, candidates will be evaluated in the areas of analysis, commitment to quality, decisiveness, and the ability to plan and schedule.

A candidate should sympathize with the broad-tent American political conservatism that has been championed and discussed in National Review for 65 years.

National Review’s offices are located in New York City, but candidates may choose to primarily telecommute.

Please email a cover letter and résumé to Place “Submissions Editor” in the subject line.


Manage freelance submissions and commissioning process for NRO

  1. Conduct first read of freelance article submissions, recommend promising articles to the Editor and Managing Editor, and line-edit submissions as needed, while communicating with authors;
  2. Commission articles from freelancers in coordination with the Editor and Managing Editor;
  3. Become the primary contact point for selected think-tank and foundation partners for submissions and commissions;
  4. Oversee tracking process of the freelance pipeline;
  5. Manage, track, and report on monthly freelance budget;
  6. Coordinate monthly freelance compensation with the payroll department.

Edit articles for NRO

  1. Edit articles for content, argument, and style.

Assist the Managing Editor in his duties

  1. Be prepared to stand in for Managing Editor in the event of his absence;
  2. Participate in the daily editorial meeting to discuss upcoming pieces;
  3. Monitor events throughout the day for breaking news;
  4. Coordinate as necessary with content managers regarding social media, homepage curation, and similar topics;
  5. Attend broader editorial and internal meetings;
  6. Recommend topics for unsigned NR editorials.


  • Several years of experience working in digital journalism;
  • Superior editorial judgment and editing abilities;
  • Experience using social media to find and promote stories;
  • Technologically adept, including familiarity with content-management systems (preferably WordPress);
  • Understand National Review’s unique mission, its history, and its position in the world of conservative commentary, and share its aims and principles;
  • Ability to work long days and weekends as required.

Members of the National Review editorial and operational teams are included under the umbrella “NR Staff.”


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