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What Am I Getting Wrong?


Not about my views, we all know how completely wrong they are, but about my ability – during the final days of NR’s 2018 Spring Webathon – to persuasively appeal to the many thousands upon thousands of you who

  1. Come to NRO relentlessly,
  2. Know that this place continues because of the generosity of supporters
  3. Feel the nudge of conscience that it is your turn to be the generous one
  4. Indeed want to contribute
  5. But haven’t yet?

Maybe you have a guilt fetish? Or maybe you just need another reminder, as we head into the homestretch of this particular drive – in which we seek to raise $210,000 to cover the costs of our website rebuild and two important editorial positions – that your actual help, no matter how big or small (nothing is small by our standards), truly matters and is consequential.

Dear and sweet Ruth from Baltimore sends $100 and then lays on the love: “Thank YOU–for keeping the faith with an amazing group of writers (and the editors behind them). This probably won’t pay for a pizza party for your new interns (it was a pleasure to read last summer’s group), but I’d like to think it helps keep the indispensable Andy McCarthy educating us, too.”

From Flower Mound, TX comes $25 from Jerry, who may have spent some time at Parris Island: “I read NR online every day. Keep up the good fight! Semper Fi!”

Bill from Poughkeepsie, who clearly grew up in the Midwest, makes with a $100 donation, and then gets all 1960s Cubs on us: “In Honor of Don Kessinger. He played well for a bad team. And he won the Lou Gehrig Award. Rated very high by Bill James. Part of that other trinity, Beckert to Kissinger to Banks (4-6-3). And lots of (6)s. Invenimus filios terra, consurgere facis tribulationes in pace. And a dominos vobiscum or two. P.S. to Jack thanks to u and typist!!” OK, Bill, we are going to need a translator for this. Also, thank you. Also: Here are Don Kessinger’s stats.

Richard from Teaneck, NJ splurges on us: He sends $250. And this note: “In honor of Jonah G. and his use of the word ‘ratallion’ in his piece on the Electoral College. Brilliant.” As is your kindness.

Angelo, with the right attitude, sends $100 from his humble home in Marlboro, NJ: “I need you a lot more than you need me! So here’s my token of thanks!” Suuhh-weet token! Thanks much.

Tom from Portland, OR tosses 50 bucks into the collection basket and gushes: “Thanks for the diversity of conservative opinion represented in each issue of NR. Please do not change your editorial policy in that regard. I have come to despise the ‘lock step’, single, narrow point of view found in most news outlets.” We’re blushing Tom.

Let me repeat a question I have asked throughout this webathon: Is it asking too much for you to give $10, $25, or $50 to help NR? Or how about $100, $250, or $500? To say your support is sorely needed is an understatement of an understatement. So please do give. Here’s how: Make your donation direct to NR here. If you prefer PayPal, send your help to NR here. And if you prefer the mailman, send a check (payable to “National Review”) to us at 19 West 44th Street, Suite 1701, New York, NY 10036. We remain deeply appreciated to any and all who provide us any level of help.




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