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Webathon Day 3: Belly Up!

Of course, if we don’t approach or meet our goal, yeah, “belly up” might be the right phrase, in an unfortunate way. But for the time being, we’ll consider it in the sense of “. . . to the bar.” If you are a frequent NRO denizen, here early and often, guzzling down all the free content – and knowing that it’s really not free – then I encourage you to . . . belly up to the bar and buy a round, by making a contribution, right here. Our goal is $246,000, and it is a symbolic figure: one thousandth of the amount George Soros gave to lefties from 201-2014.

We’ve had many a good and generous reader contribute so far, and some have even left an encouraging word with their donation:

Hillary spotted us $50 and turned the gratitude around: “Thank you! It would be lonely without the National Review. I read NRO daily and appreciate the content from all the writers.”

David sends $75 and it comes with directions, and a promise: “Twenty five for each goal. When I win the lottery, I’ll do better!” (We will use the money raised for three main purposes: to help fund out litigation in Mann v. National Review, to bankroll our top-to-bottom rebuild of NRO, and to fund a new editorial position.)

Kathleen ponies up a sweet $25 and shares a delightful memory: “Back in the day, my father used to read Mr. Buckley’s column to me while I sat on his lap at the breakfast table. You do excellent work and I’m proud to support you!” Makes me want to have a bowl of Blackford Oats.

Nick pulls $300 from his wallet and sends it to NR along with this explanation: “I’m in my early 40’s and have not yet voted Republican, but in the last few years I’ve found observable reality increasingly impossible to ignore. So I began to read up on the ideas of “the other side.” It’s compelling stuff. NR is my favorite site. I hope you can fix the technical glitches soon. Thank you for your thoughtful work.”

And we’ll end with this, from Earl, whose kind $100 donation proves that guilt works! “Keep up the good work. I read your website every day (guilty conscience hovers over me!), so I should contribute to its continuation.”

Please find these good people inspiring. We really need your help. You can make your contribution to NR here. Many thanks in advance.