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We thank those who kindly contributed this Memorial Day Weekend to the National Review Spring Webathon (which I try to explain here). As is typical, many donors shared their thoughts along with their generosity. Here are a few examples that I hope inspire you to help NR:

Don from KDW’s home turf in Texas sends $100 with a side order of praise: “Jonah and Kevin always make my day, and of course all the other outstanding NR stable of writers. Thanks.” Back at you Don.

Pat makes a similar contribution, and remembers our founder: “Mr. Buckley had a tremendous effect on the formation of my world view. I at least owe his successors a small contribution to carrying on his legacy. Thanks.” That means a lot Pat.

Another C-note arrives, this one from William, whose own experience and sentiments are likely that of many, many thousands: “Whenever I have a free moment, I read a NR article, starting in the morning before I get up and ending when I’m back in bed about to drift off to sleep. I rely on NR to arm me for doing battle with my lefty friends. Also, the thought of losing a SLAP suit to the abominable Michael Mann is unbearable. And, of course, the website is in serious need of fixing.”

More Ben Franklin–sized largesse, this time from Richard. I love his motivation: “I first read NR as a child, because my dad passed me his copy when he was done. Close to 50 years later, NR and I are still together, although I daresay in a somewhat different form. I’d like my children to be able to say the same thing, 50 years hence. Hope this helps to that end.” It will my friend!

Let’s end with more of the same — Christopher donates 100 smackers and makes a plea on our behalf: “Please find a way to continue funding this Conservative Think Tank that is National Review. I always appreciate the intelligence of the arguments made, even when I don’t necessarily agree. That is the hallmark of true journalism!”

God bless them, and all who have given. Did you? If not, please help: We still have a long way to go to our goal of $264,000, which is couch change for George Soros and other establishment billionaires who fund the Left at exponential amounts of that small objective. You can make your contribution on NR, right here. If you prefer to contribute by check and mail, then make the check payable to “National Review” and mail it to National Review, ATTN: Webathon, 215 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10016. And if you prefer to donate via PayPal, you can do that here. And speaking of God blessing those who have given, though Memorial Day is now past, there is no day when we should fail to remember the brave and fallen who have given all, for us, for our rights, for our liberties, the envy of history and mankind.

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