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‘Repaying a Debt’

National Review founder William F. Buckley Jr.

A sweet soul named Brodie from Spring, Texas, had this to say about NR’s 2018 Spring Webathon, now entering its final days, as to why he was participating: “At first I thought I would offer a gift, but quickly realized I am repaying a debt. Thank you for all that you do, and I wish you the best as you continue to inform the consent of the governed.”

We’re not so bold as to act as if having this important fundraiser is essentially our doing you a favor. But maybe we will put a spin on Brodie’s sentiment: If you are an NRO regular, you have the generosity of thousands of other readers — folks who have seen fit over the years to provide some selfless help in order to keep the site rockin’ and rollin’ — to thank. So, just maybe, the way of doing that is by following Brodie’s lead and making a kind contribution (for the record, he gave $100).

We’re trying to raise $210,000 (we’re into the six-figures, but still a long ways from the goal) in order to help defray the costs of our website rebuild, to fund a news-reporter position, and to fund a forthcoming financial-reporter position (it’s all explained here in fuller detail). Would you help us get there? Hundreds of others have these past weeks, and some, along with their generosity of cash, have also provided generosity of spirit:

  • Gary from Hunstville, Texas, spotted NR 100 bucks and this humdinger of a compliment: “You folks go deep and long to raise awareness of and clarify important, critical, and dangerous issues, some of which are quite threatening to America. I recall hearing decades ago that if this country were to be defeated, it would be done from within. Since at least 2008-2009, a more intense march sure seems to be afoot to achieve this goal. The country needs pens mightier than the sword, and you men and women wield some of the mightiest. Keep up the great work!” We aims to, thanks to you G-Man.
  • Wes from Severn, Md., gets personal, coughing up $100 and trying to calm me: “Don’t worry Jack, I donate every year. Keep the faith bro!” Kept, bro! Love ya.
  • Timothy from Montvale, N.J., already gave . . . but — succumbing to the subsequent appeal of Rich Lowry — comes back with a $150 encore, and this: “Rich, you convinced me to add a 2nd donation. I think Andy’s analysis on the whole Mueller mess has been outstanding and more insightful than any other in the industry . . . and I try to read them all. God bless National Review!” Okay, but how about God bless Timothy, too?
  • Up in Middeltown, Conn., Gregory is thinking about sweet Granny, long gone now, but the memory leads to a $1,000 contribution. “My grandmother . . . was a charter subscriber to NR and her subscription has been continuously in the family, now under my name.” Sixty-three years of love, mamma mia that is inspiring!
  • And Kenneth from Mount Pleasant stuffs $120 into the collection basket and riffs some affection our way: “Really appreciate Andrew McCarthy’s legal analysis and insight. He has had an amazing amount of timely output the last 18 months. Whenever there is a new legal development I look for Andrew’s analysis. Long-time fan of Jonah and Rich. The addition of The Editors and Remnant podcasts along with tweet updates has really raised the engagement I have with NR and its writers. Most valuable, though, are Jonah’s dog tweets.” Woof you very much!
  • And finalamente, from Cayce, S.C., comes Jack’s $100, and this: “I keep thinking someone has to maintain rational and thoughtful commentary in a world of rants and tweets based on emotion. I’m glad it is NR.” I like how you think, Jack. And act!

Whether it is the Widow’s Mite or the Millionaire’s Rounding Error, whether its $10, $25, $50 or $100, $500, or $2,500, your help is needed, and maybe even . . . your own deeply felt need to help NR is waiting to be satisfied. Get that satisfaction: Make your donation direct to NR here. You can also donate via PayPal by sending your help to NR here. And if you want to make the mailman work a little harder, mail a check (payable to “National Review”) to us at 19 West 44th Street, Suite 1701, New York, NY 10036. We deeply appreciate all who provide us any level of help. We are in your debt.


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