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What Makes the World Go ’Round?

Is it love, as Anna Maria Alberghetti sang? Or as Liza and Joel put it, money? While you contemplate that, you should know about good folks who love NRO, and have sent some money to it, in response to the end-of-the-year webathon we are running, seeking to raise $150,000 to bankroll a complete rebuild of the website (plus to cover our 2017 intern costs). If you’ve never given to NRO — but you’ve hung out here for years, knowing others have given, figuring you’ll get around to doing the same someday, please consider that the someday has come. Make a donation here. Others have (we’ve received about $28,000 so far), and some have even caboosed well-wishes or constructive criticism to the cash. We share a few:

Earle tosses $25 into the basket and asks “I wonder if the authors read our comments?” Do they ever! Thanks amigo.

Mark wagers a C note and gushes “NR is a terrific publication and website. It’s the only one I read on a daily basis.” Don’t stop. And thanks.

Another Benjamin comes from David, and high praise too: “You are a great voice for Americans who choose to think and act as citizens of our republic. Please accept my small donation with my gratitude for your efforts to protect and proclaim our liberties.” Blushing!

And yet another $100, this time from Nan, an old NR friend, who says “All of us who cherish individual liberty and believe in the wisdom of the Constitution should enthusiastically support NR! Happy to do my bit!” We are happy too. Thanks very much.

From Canada, good old reliable Nathan also sends us $100, and wraps it in humility “Here is my meager donation. Andrew McCarthy, Victor Davis Hanson, Rich Lowry, Jonah Goldberg, Kevin Williamson . . . all in one place. How did you do that? Often I see an article’s title and think quickly, ‘not interested’ then notice the author is Victor Davis Hanson and start to read. I always come away more thoughtful for the experience, thankful he took the time to write and I the time to ponder.” Yes, VDH rocks.

One of my yuck-yuck fundraising e-mails talked about a “sanity clause,” which prompted a sweet $100 from Jean-Mari, who wrote “A Sanity Clause indeed — a sanity pause every time I click on one of your messages. I have (almost) always been a Republican; National Review reminds me why I am a conservative!” Mercy buckets mon amie!

Finally, a big donation, $500, comes from Robert, who has been hanging around here for a long time. He writes: “I’ve read you since 1956, WFB, James Burnham, the occasional Whitaker Chambers, and now Jonah Goldberg (who is very good even if wrong about Trump). Fight!” We do and we will. Robert, that was terrific of you.

Maybe you can’t give $500, but could spring for $10, or $25, or $50. Hey, if you’ve gotten a lot out of NR over the years, think about that donation. We need it. And America needs us. The world too, as it goes ’round. Please make a donation here. You can do that via PayPal, here. And thanks.