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‘The Tawdry and Dumb Nazi Charge’

I wrote today about charges that the Trump and his supporters are Nazis, and the associated belief on the Left that we are living under “minority rule”:

The worries about Trump as fascist dovetail with critiques of our system itself as undemocratic. These will become more prominent as Trump moves to almost certainly nominate another robustly constitutionalist, highly credentialed jurist to the highest court in the land.

For progressives like Jonathan Chait of New York magazine and Michelle Goldberg of The New York Times, this is another sign of “minority rule.” But Republicans get to nominate and confirm Supreme Court justices because they won the presidency and retained control of the Senate in 2016 in a hard-fought national election.

It is true that Trump won despite losing the popular vote, but the Electoral College is nothing new or untoward. It can’t be that Democrats, thought not long ago to have a lock on the presidency, suddenly can’t possibly muster 270 electoral votes. Have Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania gone from blue wall to unwinnable that quickly? And the Senate, held by Democrats as recently as 2014, become an insuperable electoral obstacle?

Our system will presumably look much better to progressives if Democrats go out and win some elections. You know, like the alleged fascists do.


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