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NBC, Rush, and Me

In the spirit of Andrew Breitbart (may he rest in peace), I feel the need to expand on my experience with  NBC Nightly News last night.

I had a good experience with NBC a couple of months ago, so when they asked me back, I agreed to come talk about what Rush Limbaugh had said yesterday about the Georgetown law student who testified before the Democrats on the contraceptive issue.

The producers culled a few unrepresentative words from my interview. So here’s what I said. 

When the producer asked: “What do you make of Rush Limbaugh’s comments?” I said that his choice of words was crude but that I certainly understood and sympathized with the point he was making. A law student is now a hardship case? She needs the rest of us to provide her with free contraceptives? 

Well, said the producer, “What about this contraceptive thing? Aren’t we past all of that?” I said that liberals and Democrats were distorting the issue. The issue is not “access” to contraceptives. With the exception of one stray, unwise remark from Rick Santorum (and he said nothing about denying women access, merely that he questioned whether they were altogether good for women) no one on our side is arguing about access to contraceptives. What the Obama administration is requiring is that all women — no matter what their income — be provided with free contraceptives. And of course, all entities, even religious institutions with moral objections, are required to provide contraceptives and abortifacients for free as well. 

So the Democrats come along and force insurance companies to provide for free something that 95 percent of people have been purchasing, and when we object, they scream that we want to “send women back” to someplace or other, and deny women access to contraceptives. It’s ludicrous and dishonest and manipulative.

But NBC had their template: Women protest Rush’s awful words. And while I had thought that they were going to include at least one woman who didn’t see it their way, I was wrong.


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