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Nbc Stands For Negative Bush Coverage

From a reader at the University of Chicago:


I am a first-year here at the GSB (free markets rule!) and a long time NR/NRO reader.

If some people have doubt about the bias in the main stream media, they should read this story.

Last night, my macroeconomics professor had a very interesting tale to tell. This guy is great, he is a libertarian and just loves to go on and on about gov’t spending, lower taxes, the Social Security/Medicare problem, etc. Anyway, to the story. Last Thursday, NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw (not Tom, but probably one of the network reps) contacted him as they wanted him to go on the air on Monday night to talk about the GDP numbers that were released last Friday. He said that he would and that he would need time to digest the report once it came out. Well, the report came out and he was very encouraged by the numbers as they went up for the past quarter. So, he waited for NBC’s call on Monday. When NBC called, they told him that they were not going to run the story now (Do you see where this is going?). After some prodding, NBC finally admitted that since the GDP numbers were up they were not interested in the story. If the numbers were down, they would ha ve run the story! Hmmmmm…

He was very disappointed and depressed about their actions. I was not surprised, but was disappointed at the same time. Worst of all, they would have run this story on Monday before the election. Isn’t the fact that GDP is up newsworthy? Not unless you have an agenda.


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