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From the Media Research Center: MSNBC anchor Keith Olbermann compared a free gas promotion in Lake Ronkonkoma, New York to suicide bombers in Iraq last night. Olbermann’s show-ending commentary last night attacked a Sunoco station for it’s promotion of free gas for cars with flags or other patriotic symbols. According to Olbermann:

“I don’t think I’m going way out on a limb here to assume that somewhere in that block’s long line of drivers near Lake Ronkonkoma waiting for their five free gallons, were a few who weren’t really that gung ho about the war but just stuck a flag in their windshield wiper to get the gasoline gratis. Unintentional or not, that’s purchased patriotism. And as we are reminded every time we hear about Iraqi human shields and forced suicide bombers, purchased patriotism is one of the things we’re fighting against.”


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