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NBC’s Mitchell: Hillary Wooed Big Donors at State Department Events

Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign is “in place,” NBC’s Andrea Mitchell said Sunday on Meet the Press.

“There are two PACs, they’ve divided the lines of authority, they’ve got potential campaign managers lined up,” Mitchell said. “She doesn’t need to put in place the fundraising apparatus” because the Clintons have kept all the “big-money people” very close over the years.

Hillary remained close to these wealthy donors during her time as secretary of state, Mitchell said. “You would see, at State Department events, a lot of the big-money people,” Mitchell explained, speaking as someone who’d attended those events. “They have always been part of her circle.”

Mitchell also noted that Hillary was working on “a very big book” due out next summer, and “she doesn’t want a campaign announcement to muddy up her book tour.”

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