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NBC’s Richard Engel: Yemen ‘Could Become the New Syria . . . ISIS Moving In’

NBC foreign correspondent Richard Engel sounded an ominous warning for revolution-wracked Yemen, warning the Arab country “could become the new Syria” and that the Islamic State “is moving in.”

Engel spoke about the conflict on Monday morning, just a few days after an Islamic State suicide attack on two Shi’ite Houthi mosques killed dozens and one day after a U.N. special envoy cautioned that the country is on “the edge of civil war.”

“We have a state in collapse,” Engel said. “Yemen — which is right on the border with Saudi Arabia — could become the new Syria.”

The reporter explained that as Iran-backed rebels place government forces on their heels, the power vacuum has allowed Islamist forces to gain power and territory.

“As these two side are fighting for their own survival and for control of the country, ISIS is moving in,” Engel said. “And is establishing a bigger base, and is using the chaos to try and firmly embed itself into Yemeni society.”


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