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Nearer, My God—We’ve Got a Few Hardcover Copies of WFB’s ‘Autobiography of Faith’

Bill Buckley’s acclaimed 1997 bestseller was called one of the “best books of the year” by Publishers Weekly, and rightly so. We long ago ran out of hardcover copies, but have just come across a carton, so now you can have your own copy of this wonderful book for only $25.00, which includes all shipping and handling charges. And along with Near, My God we’ll include a copy of the near-200-page Portsmouth Review, the premier edition which contained all the talks given at the famed Rhode Island school’s 2010 conference on ‘The Catholic William F. Buckley Jr.” (it includes presentations by Roger Kimball, Rev. George Rutler, Joseph Bottum, Kathryn Jean Lopez, and many more). That’s a $19.95 value, which is yours free when you order your hardcover copy of Nearer, My God. Do that here.

The New York Times had this to say about this unique book:

“Buckley’s many loyal readers will be pleased with this book. One wishes it could remedy the growing American ignorance of Christianity with its brief, rather elegant introduction to Catholic doctrine, but I do not know that it will change many minds. No matter. Even if it does not explain the moral and political stands of Catholics like Bartolome de Las Casas, Dorothy Day, Daniel Berrigan, Percy, Pascal or even Pius IX, it is certain to provide many insights into the mind of a polished writer, passionate logophile and dean of controversy, and it will do much to explain how the hopefully changeless faith of a Catholic jibes with the politics of a late 20th-century American political conservative.”

And here is another of the book’s many glowing review, this from the Baltimore Sun:

NOTE: This item has sold out. You can rage and rail at his politics. People have been doing that since he wrote his first book after his graduation from Yale in 1950. You can find his manner insufferably mid-Atlantic. . . But it would be extraordinarily hard to cite anyone writing today in English who more prodigiously combines civility, prolificness and versatility than William F. Buckley, Jr . . . Breathtakingly powerful. . . The core of the book is a rollicking adventure story of the spirit, an elaborate trek around and about the lofty peaks of belief and conviction. . . . It is compelling, and profoundly informative. . . . It presents a fascinating, intelligent and deeply humane demonstration of belief in the face of the most rigorous intellectual tests and challenges. . . Buckley’s book is wonderfully exciting—whether you are a believer or a skeptic.

NOTE: This item has sold out.

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