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In our new Need to Know, Mona talks to Walter Olson, of the Cato Institute. Their subject is the Libertarian party and its ticket: Gary Johnson and William Weld. The Libertarian convention, as our Ian Tuttle reported, memorably, was highly colorful, not to say a freak show. When someone pointed this out on Twitter, someone else said — I wish I could credit him, but I can’t remember who it was — “And I understand that Donald Trump is making a cameo appearance at the Republican convention.”

Post-Olson, Mona and I engage in some Trump talk: Trump U, the “Mexican” judge, and so on. Recruiters for Trump U were told to sell “feelings,” not “solutions.” That sounds familiar. As for the “Mexican” judge, he was born in Indiana, of course. Went to IU and IU Law School. Whatever. For the campaign, apparently, the judge will be Trump’s “Mexican” bogey. This is an old, nasty technique. Bet it works.

For the remainder of the show, Mona leads a discussion of some big problems facing our country: runaway entitlements, debt, a feeble foreign policy. I chime in dyspeptically. Mona is indulgent. Patient. At the end, I relate an unusual lunchtime encounter with the predecessor of either Melania or Bill: Michelle Obama.

Again, the ’cast is here.

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