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Nanki-Poo — Boo Hoo

Mona and I have recorded a Need to Know. We talk about the House-speaker race, of course. And we talk about the presidential campaign (equally of course). We are joined on this latter subject by Henry Olsen, a politics whiz at the Ethics and Public Policy Center (where Mona also hangs her hat).

Mona and I further talk about Russia and Putin. And, sticking with the Soviets, about the New York City government: which has just honored Ethel Rosenberg. The snub of Julius is outrageous.

We also talk about Israel, academia, Gilbert & Sullivan … Gilbert & Sullivan? Yes: The prime G&S group in New York has canceled its Mikado, because people complained about ethnic stereotyping. The company is doing The Pirates of Penzance instead. I hope the pirates’ union rips them to shreds.



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