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Negative On The Reaction

From the North Carolina News & Observer :

Also Thursday, several trustees expressed dismay about the gender imbalance at [the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill], where the 2004-05 freshman class was 58 percent female. Among recipients of the Carolina Covenant scholarships for low-income students, the disparity was even greater, with 69 percent women.

That prompted two trustees to ask whether the university could give men admissions preference or start programs such as engineering that might attract more men.

Affirmative action for men is not likely, said Jerry Lucido, vice provost for enrollment management. “It’s just extraordinarily rare for a public university to do that,” he said.

But why not, Vice Provost Lucido? Actually, the University of Georgia did this until it got sued, so it’s not unheard of. Moreover, Asians are generally discriminated against in selective university admissions, since they are “overrepresented,” and white females are already discriminated against because of their race, so it’s not as if only white males are the victims of p.c. diversity efforts.

Maybe schools should just start ignoring race, ethnicity, and sex in their admissions policies? Nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.


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