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Krauthammer’s Take: Gorsuch Would Win without McConnell Nuking the Filibuster

Charles Krauthammer opined that Neil Gorsuch doesn’t actually need Donald Trump to aggressively lobby for him:

If you listen very carefully to McConnell, he never answers the question about whether he’ll do it. He simply says: we will do what it takes and we are going to get the nominee through. Everybody understands what that means. It means that if he has to, he will do it. But he’d prefer not to do it. He’s a traditionalist. He doesn’t want to have to blow up the system, and he doesn’t want be a new Harry Reid on this.

But I don’t think it helps — and I have supported blowing up the process and eliminating the filibuster if necessary — but I don’t think it helps if the president keeps saying it. It looks like it’s pressure from another branch, and it polarizes a debate over Gorsuch into a sort of a conflict between the Trump White House and the Democrats. That is unnecessary. This is such a strong candidate that if you leave it as an issue between the candidate on his merits against obstructionist Democrats who are demagoguing him — we have already heard the accusations today, completely wild, completely out of control, calling him extreme and going through a list of things which have no relation with reality — if it is a fight like that, I think in the court of public opinion, Gorsuch wins hands down. So let him do it, let him carry the fight with the organizations who are behind him, with the Senate being behind him, and I think in that kind of fight, he wins, and the Democrats, I would guess, won’t even threaten to filibuster.

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