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Neil Young Wants to Impeach Obama—for Allowing Fracking

Having already called for the impeachment of the last president, Canadian rocker Neil Young is now urging that President Obama be removed from office. But this time, it’s not a “war for oil” that’s got Young’s ire up. It’s that we’re extracting oil out of the ground at all.  

Young appeared on The Colbert Report Tuesday night, where the Comedy Central host reminded the singer of his 2006 song “Let’s Impeach the President,” which called for President Bush’s impeachment for the Iraq War.

“Now that Obama is getting us into a war in Iraq, are you up for impeaching him too?” Colbert asked.

“No, no, no,” Young replied.

“Really?” Colbert said. “You don’t care. You don’t care this time?”

“I think we should impeach him for fracking,” Young said, to tepid applause. “It’s not in the interest of the American people.”

The rock star has participated in campaigns against fracking and tar sands in his native Canada. His early 2014 “Honor the Treaties” concert tour featured frequent screeds against the oil industry. “Rock stars don’t need oil,” he declared at the time.

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