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This week on Uncommon Knowledge, John Arquilla, professor of defense analysis at the Naval Post Graduate School, and Victor Davis Hanson, military historian and Hoover Fellow, on the future of warfare. Today, John argues that the United States military is behind the curve.

John Arquilla: We’re now in an era that’s characterized by an organizational race to build networks, and it seems to me that that’s where we’re behind the curve. . . . We have a military that doesn’t scale down very well, and if we build a more networked force, it will already be able to fight at the regular level and I believe that it will be able to scale up very nicely to fight the bigger wars.

Victor Davis Hanson: Where you’ll have people who would be skeptical of John’s thesis is to what degree is this antithetical to, or come at the expense of more traditional assets and can these traditional assets fit into John’s model.

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