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Never Enough: Immigration Activist Heckles Obama During Amnesty Victory Lap

An immigration activist repeatedly interrupted President Obama during his amnesty victory speech at a Las Vegas high school on Friday, proving so insistent that the president had to eventually tell the young man to sit down and be “respectful.”

One day after unilaterally granting temporary legal status to around 5 million illegal immigrants, President Obama took to the stage surrounded by adulating teenagers and pro-amnesty politicians. The president was clearly enjoying the attention.

But not everyone was so exuberant, with one off-camera activist shouting at the president on behalf of the millions who didn’t get legal status. “That’s right, not everybody will qualifiy under this provision,” Obama responded. “That’s the truth. And that’s why we’re going to have to pass a bill.”

“Listen, I heard you,” he continued, after the activist continued to heckle. “I’ve heard you young man, I’ve heard you. And I understand, I’ve heard you. But what I’m saying is, this is just a first step.”

“Young man, I’m talking to a lot of people here,” Obama said with annoyance when the yelling continued. “I’ve been respectful to you, I want you to be respectful to me, okay?”


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