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New Census Numbers

Interesting posts over at The Hotline and RedState re: the new census estimates for ‘06 and what they portend for reapportionment in 2010 (doesn’t it still sound far-off to say “2010″?).

The bottom line — and this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone — is that the Great Migration of the 21st Century continues unabated: People are flocking from the Northest and Midwest to the South and West.  Further, more and more immigrants are bypassing traditional first-stop’s along the Washington-Boston corridor and are heading straight to the South.

One item I’d be curious about is how many among the snowbird set are African-American.  It’s largely anecdotal (though I do recall an NYT story a few months back) but there is a trend where some blacks, only a generation or two removed from the sharecropping South, are moving back to Dixie to be with relatives in warmer and cheaper climes.

Out West, I’m struck by California’s comparitively sluggish rate of growth.  Each time I see the explosive numbers out of Nevada and Arizona, I can hear the Governator’s voice from that circus of a debate in ‘03 warning that the state’s business climate was driving folks across its eastern border.   Workers’ comp reform aside, looks like folks are still headed to less-costly land next door. 


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