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New Cruz Ad: Dewhurst’s ‘Flip Flop’s

The new radio ad from the Cruz campaign attacks David Dewhurst for his past positions on amnesty and the payroll tax:

Cruz and Dewhurst square off in a debate tonight, likely their final one.

Script of ad below the jump. 



The flip flop—great for pancakes. The backtrack—not a bad idea if you’re trying to throw someone off your trail. Politicians are experts at both.

Today, David Dewhurst says he’s against amnesty, but in 2007 Dewhurst said quote “I support a guest worker program for those here today illegally.” Then tried deleting evidence from his government website that proves he supports amnesty.

Today, Dewhurst claims he’s quote “Never supported a payroll tax.” But in 2005 Dewhurst bragged about his payroll tax plan in his own official press release. Which is why PolitiFact rated Dewhurst’s payroll tax denial flat-out false.

(Ted Cruz)

This is Ted Cruz and I’m running for Senate because politicians from both parties have let us down. No flip flops, no backtracks. Just stop the spending. Restore the Constitution.

Join me, vote July 31st to take our country back.

I’m Ted Cruz, the conservative candidate for U.S. Senate, and I approve this message.

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