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New Era of Hope and Change in Action: Part LXIX

An omnibus lands bill that was actually a land-grab bill failed to pass the House last week. So what are they doing? Via E&E Daily:

Earlier this month, the House fell two votes shy of passing the bill under suspension of the rules, a maneuver that shields legislation from amendment or a motion to recommit but requires a two-thirds majority for passage. Senate leaders then devised a strategy to use a bill that had already passed the House — H.R. 146, a proposal to protect Revolutionary War battlefields — and strip its contents, replacing it with the omnibus lands bill.

Because the House already passed H.R. 146, the Rules Committee can approve a closed rule that would block a motion to recommit, eliminating the GOP’s best procedural chance to stymie the bill. The chamber would only need a simple majority vote to concur with the Senate amendment.

Who says that our legislative process is broken?


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